Our Mission

Sharing in Christ’s Ministry of Reconciliation through Worship, Testimony and Faithful Presence.

Our Vision

“Transformed by Grace,
Connected to Community,
Sent Out in Mission”

Our Values

  1. The Centrality of the Gospel
    • Our community is anchored in the good news, which we proclaim each week in worship: “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.”
    • The gospel gives us a New Identity as we discover that we are deeply accepted by God because of Christ’s work on our behalf.
    • The gospel leads to New Relationships, as we find that we are not only reconciled to God, but also to one another.
    • The gospel provides us New Hope as we realize that God is not only redeeming us, but also his whole creation.
    • The gospel compels us to have New Priorities, as we are called to follow Christ on the way of self-giving, self-sacrificial love.
  2. The Transforming Nature of Worship
    • We believe that as we come together to worship God, we are transformed—in the way we live, the way we think, and the way we view ourselves, and the world. In worship, we encounter the living God, who nurtures, renews, and heals our lives. Our hope is that anyone visiting our community will see firsthand God’s desire to bring positive change in our lives through worship.
    • Our services follow an Anglican liturgy—which gives us an order to the service that includes historical prayers and practices. This liturgy, combined with relevant teaching, meaningful worship, and the practice of the sacraments, draws people into a deeper connection with God.
  3. The Necessity of Dependence on God
    • We value prayer, and we want to cultivate a church culture where prayer is woven into every aspect of our lives. Our desire is to continually seek the Lord for direction and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    • We believe in the ministry of personal prayer and healing. We expect that the Lord will meet us and change us as we come to him in prayer.
  4. The Importance of Making Disciples
    • We want to be a congregation where all people are encouraged and equipped to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.
    • To foster discipleship, we place a priority on Biblical teaching, personal spiritual disciplines, and instruction in the essential doctrines of our faith. We also believe that true discipleship involves a life of rest, balance, and simplicity.
    • We place a priority on the discipleship of children. We do this by including them fully into the life of the church and acknowledging their unique role in our congregation. We intentionally seek to bless children through prayer, teaching, worship, and other forms of encouragement.
  5. The Priority of Relationships
    • A primary way that God helps us to grow is through genuine relationships. Therefore, we focus our ministry on helping people to develop relationships with one another.
    • We do this by creating opportunities (such as small groups, mentoring relationships, and retreats) where people get to know one another and care for each other deeply. These are meant to be places where people share life together and have the freedom to share their struggles, dreams, and questions.
    • We also desire to be a diverse community, where people of all ages and backgrounds can build relationships and worship together regularly.
  6. The Embrace of Seekers
    • We welcome those who are exploring the Christian faith. Our desire is to foster an atmosphere of grace that welcomes visitors and all those who are seeking God.
    • Our hope is to make our community “seeker accessible” by explaining our worship practices and traditions. We want to connect with people’s stories, while remaining faithful to the message of the gospel.
  7. The Expansion of God’s Kingdom
    • We desire to be a community where people who have been fed by God in worship are sent out to “love and serve the Lord” in the places where they live and work.
    • We encourage people to think about how the gospel affects every aspect of their lives, and how they can winsomely share the good news of Jesus Christ with people around them.
    • We are also a multiplying community. Our hope is to see new churches planted throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.