by Haley Scharf

Today’s post on Redeemer Journal is by Haley Scharf, who in the past has blogged about theological literature for children at Individual reviews of most of the books she mentions below can be found there.

One of the ways my children have become familiar with the rhythms of the church year is by reading books that line up thematically and biblically with each season. Reading seasonally is something that’s easy to do during Advent; there are so many wonderful books about the birth of Jesus. Finding Lenten stories for children may be a bit less straightforward, but when Ash Wednesday arrives every year there are still certain titles that I always seem to pull out. I hope that seeing a list of those books will be helpful to you and your family, and if there are others that you find especially well suited for Lent I’d love to hear about them!

Books that portray the life of Christ are good and appropriate during Lent as in every season, but there are also uniquely Lenten themes worth exploring with children. During our Ash Wednesday service this year, Dawn Lundgren encouraged our congregation to think about giving, praying, and fasting during Lent through the lens of Matthew 6:1-21. Following her lead, here are some books for children in those categories – as well as a few more. If you have children at home (or if you enjoy sharing books with godchildren, grandchildren, or other little ones in your life) these soul-nourishing books are worth tracking down at the library or bookstore this Lenten season.


Giving & Serving

The Quiltmaker’s Gift

Shoebox Sam

Secretly Do Good Deeds



Psalms for Young Children

Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle

The Story of Ruby Bridges

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise

A Child’s Book of Prayer in Art

Writing to God


Sin & Redemption in the Old Testament

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Noah’s Ark


The Longest Night

The Book of Jonah



Sidney and Norman

Children of the King


Following Jesus

Dangerous Journey

Love Is…


Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

I Heard Good News Today



Make Room

Come Worship with Me

Let Us Keep the Feast (reference for parents)