We believe that as people build relationships with one another they are empowered in their ability to grow in their relationship with Christ. Because of this we offer various opportunities in our community for making connections. Listed below are some of the ways you can get involved at Church of the Redeemer and develop those connections. Please call us at (651) 321-8012 or e-mail us at info@oftheredeemer.org for more information on any of these activities.

All Church Meals

We believe that sharing a meal with someone is a key way to build a friendship. With that in mind, we enjoy periodic simple meals together. Anyone who can is encouraged to bring something to share, but everyone is invited whether they brought food or not (we have all mooched at one time or another).

Newcomer Dinners

Every few months, we host a dinner that is specially designed for people who have just begun attending Church of the Redeemer. This dinner is a time to socialize with other newcomers as well as to meet some of our leaders. After the dinner there is a brief time in which a member of the pastoral staff shares an overview of the mission of Church of the Redeemer and anyone is welcome to ask questions they have about the church.

Community Groups

Many of the things that Christ calls us to be as a church community simply can’t happen in our limited interaction on Sundays. We want to be involved in each other’s lives and encourage spiritual growth amid our day-to-day challenges. To that end, we have a variety of groups that meet during the week to provide more focused study and foster deeper relationships.

If you have questions about our community groups, please enter your contact information using this form.

Mom’s Playgroup

Every other week, mothers with young children gather together for a playgroup time and an opportunity for fellowship with one another. If you are interested in participating, please contact Sarah Lundgren.