By Sarah Lundgren

    Lenten Soup Suppers have long played a prominent role in the spiritual formation of our church. Our first gatherings as a church family were around the Lenten soup supper table at Roseville Covenant back in 2007 – back when we all still had flip phones. It’s where I first met Theresa holding her baby, Tim, who turns 10 next week. We grew in fellowship with one another as we shared our homemade breads and soups, wiped our kids’ messy faces, and prayed Evening Prayer together during the weeks leading up to Easter.
Tonight we begin this blessed tradition once again. May we treasure this time of sharing good food and the details of our days, while we pass the butter and fill our water glasses.
And while the adults worship and pray together in the sanctuary, our Kids of the Redeemer will go forth in love serving a number of ministries during Lent. Tonight we pack snack packs for elementary school children who are in need of food each weekend. Next week we will make mercy bags to keep in our cars to give to those in need. With Haley and Nancy’s help, we will make blankets for children with severe illness. We will send words of encouragement to our Compassion children, and we will pack welcome kits for refugee families. We often share parts of God’s great story with our children. Tuesdays of Lent, His story continues. And we are in it. Tuesday and every day. We are part of God’s great story, acting on the love that we have been given.
So join us tonight for soup and prayer. For some of you, this is a tradition. For others, it’s a chance to get to know each other better. For all of us, it’s an opportunity for fellowship and a time to quiet our hearts as we prepare for Easter.