Over the past few months, Church of the Redeemer has been blessed several times in our worship services by the ministry of Deacon Liz Stewart, Pastor of Children’s & Family Ministry at Church of the Cross in Hopkins.  Along with Bishops and Priests, Deacons belong to what is what is known as the threefold order of ministry.  This way of distinguishing between different types of ordained ministry is recognized by many Christians, but particularly by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.  In the Anglican Church in North America’s ordination rite, Deacons are entrusted with the following responsibilities:

It belongs to the Office of a Deacon, to assist the Priest in public worship, especially in the administration of Holy Communion; to lead in public prayer; to read the Gospel, and to instruct both young and old in the Catechism; and at the direction of the Priest, to baptize and to preach. Furthermore, it is the Deacon’s Office to work with the laity in searching for the sick, the poor, and the helpless, that they may be relieved.

You may notice Deacon Liz or other Deacons from our diocese assisting Pastor Paul and Pastor Edward in our weekly public worship.  When you get a chance, please thank them for their ministry to our church.  Click here to learn more about the Anglican Deacons in the Twin Cities.