Epiphany often slips by, falling as it does between our observances of Advent and Lent and the great celebrations of Christmas and Easter that accompany them. Epiphany  – meaning “showing forth” or manifestation” – can be a time rich in wonder for God’s children (of every age and stage!). Christmas is the celebration of the mystery of the Word Made Flesh; during Epiphany we revisit the great revelation that God’s rescue of humanity through the Word Made Flesh is for all people, and we consider how it was that God revealed to people that an ordinary-looking man; son of a carpenter from Nazareth, was in fact, Messiah, God himself in human form.  The Visit of the Magi, the Baptism of Jesus, his first miracle at Cana, his Transfiguration, are all Epiphany stories that invite us to imaginative listening, wonder and worship.

Saturday, January 5th, let’s have some fun together and celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany.

Here’s how it works:

  • You may sign up to be a host or a guest .
  • Hosts will provide punch and a simple main dish for 8 (recipe suggestions will be provided)
  • Guests  bring either bread, salad, a children’s drink, or the Three King’s Cake
  • The guest list will be a surprise for everyone, including the host.
  • Directions to your destination will be given in time for you to arrive at 5:00pm.
  • Suggested itinerary for the evening (including a treasure hunt, of course) will be provided

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