I am very glad to be able to worship with you all and preach a few times in the coming months.

I did my seminary degree (M.Div.) at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Mo., then went straight from there to do a Ph.D. in Old Testament at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). I studied Jeremiah and have been studying and writing on the prophets ever since. I have a great passion for the Christian church to recover the Old Testament as a living part of its thought and life; the prophets represent a too-often neglected part of a Christian’s Bible. They are the great preachers of the Bible and I have loved struggling (and hopefully succeeding sometimes!) to understand their books.

I served as a pastor for six years, and after two years away I am tentatively considering and tip-toeing back into that world. Preaching and teaching are my great loves. And the rich, powerful, and beautiful liturgical life of Anglican worship has been refreshing to my whole family.

I am married with two beautiful children (4 and 2), and my days are filled now with caring for—i.e. playing with—these two wonderful little ones.